Monday, May 19, 2008


Hello friends.

You must be thinking that I am nuts for equating/comparing IPL to WWE. But let me answer this with a question.

What do you think IPL, as it has demonstrated in recent past, can showcase that WWE cannot?

And don't you shy away from this question by answering - Cricket.

You have

1. Thunderous slaps (Sreesanth-Harbhajan slapgate case) and the later banned for 5 matches and the entire IPL series. In wrestling terms this can be classified as 'Win by disqualification' for Sreesanth as Harbhajan was caught giving a 'Low Blow' to Sreeshant. This happens so oft in Wrestling that now it has become boring.

2. Shoaib - The Undertaker's return after being buried to prove his detractors wrong and then choke-slamming the opposition for a slam-bam victory.

3. Shahrukh - The Manager being banned from ring-side. Oh this one is too common. Referee smells something foul and bars the wrestler's manager/accomplice from ring-side.

4. Further you have Khali(Chennai Superstars/Jaipur Royal/Kings Punjab) taking on 'some unknown wrestler' (Bangalore Royal Challengers) and destroying him with one blow.

This and so much more....

Extreme dramtization... extreme action... extreme cheerleading... and sadly for all old school cricket fans extreme cricket.



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Priyankari said...

Never thought from this perspective...very interesting thoughts indeed :)