Thursday, May 22, 2008

Truth - As you like it.

Yesterday, my dear wife brought home an R.K. Narayan short story compilation from the library. While I was through the index, I happened to notice a familiar title - 'Like the sun'. It's a very short story but a very meaningful one.

It is about a man who, one fine sunny morning, decides to test out what it would be like if he did not lie. His wife brings him breakfast. His wife notices that he is eating very slowly. So she asks him what is wrong. He tells her the TRUTH!

Some other day, he would have answered that his stomach was full or something like that.
He notices her wince, but he reminds himself that TRUTH is like the sun. He goes to work with a resolution to tell the truth because he believes it is the right thing to do.

Nothing, not even his dear wife's wince, can possibly break his resolve.

He has some work at office which has been on his back from quite a few days. Our hero is too lazy to complete it soon. His boss, knowing that he has a keen ear for music, asks him to attend a performance of his. He bargains for 10 additional days to complete his work, which the boss is only too happy to comply with.

After the performance, the boss asks our hero his true opinion. He tries to evade the question but the boss is adamant. Our hero says that the performance was not any good and that it is useless carrying on the efforts.

The next day, the boss thanks our hero for his true remarks and tells him that it has helped him save his money going waste.
Then he adds that our hero cannot hand in the papers 10 days later but on time.

The moral of the story - Telling the truth is not always the best thing to do.

Always speaking the TRUTH is a very daunting challenge; more so when it's your wife at the other end.

Common questions that you should be very careful answering.
  • Do you like the food that I prepared today?
  • Do I look pretty?
  • Does this dress look good on me?

But like me if you are lucky enough to have a beautiful wife who cooks nice food, you have nothing to worry. Or do you? ;-)



Priyankari said...

Hey, great to see you back to blogspot! And as usual another post in your great style...really enjoyed! :) And while i was thinking that i need to read this book, thanks for dissolving my curiosity ;)

Rai said...

ha ha mean guys never change...I tell u... always tell your wife the TRUTH...nomatter what......remember...always the TRUTH!!!