Friday, May 9, 2008

Back in business!!!

Hello friends!
Your Truly, after a long break of silence, is back in business.
Alas! The same can't be said about the ICON players in IPL. Players of the likes of Jacques Kallis, Rahul Dravid, VVS Lakshman, Anil Kumble being reduced to mere carricatures of themselves.

I pray that Tendulkar doesn't get fit in time, so that he is spared the shame.

20-20 cricket is being hailed as the next big thing after - Norbit. Agreed, that the Test matches are becoming monotonous, and do need some sort of change. But changing the meaning of cricket itself is not an answer.

20-20 in small portions is ok. With England and Carribean following the IPL way, I guess, the new lot of cricketing faces will never be able to comprehend the true meaning of cricket. Cricket will lose it charm and will become synonymous to a beach party or a Bollywood extravaganza.

In 10 years time, Test cricket as we know it would be completely taken over.(I pray not!) We might have a curtailed version of 20-20, with innings of 5 overs a side. Rotten idea! But from the state of things, quite possible.

I am sure that the new generation - NextGen will have a lot of fun watching and playing the so called game of cricket.
Amidst all this, there will still be a certain few who would claim to have lived the game!
Cheers to Sachin!

P.S> My wife, if she reads this, will surely ask - "If you are so against this form of cricket, why do you still follow it?". The truth is; hate howmuchever i may, I would still follow any match where I can see my favourite cricketing legends play. Warney bowling against Lakshman/Sachin, McGrath irritating the batsmen with is machine-like bowling, Jayasurya hitting the ball all around the part... WOW!

Cheers to us all.


Cyberkitty said...

i watch 20 -20 sometimes, but have no idea which team to support as my fav players are in almost every team...

Rai said...

So u back in business??? nice to see u after a long period of absence:)

And as for 20-20, am going eden gardens this sunday :)

Rosh said...

@cyberkitty : Yes! A lot of people I know are caught in this dilema.

@rai : Thanks! And WOW! You lucky girl.

Priyankari said...

Great that you are back to business!!

As far as 20-20 is concerned, though am not very much against it (as it has both its +ves and -ves as compared to the 50-50), but am certainly not in favor of this IPL (a bolly-cricket combo) and i absolutely agree with you that it reduces the players to caricatures and too much sold out to the business world.